PURINA Total Care Pet Accessories


The TOTAL CARE range has one of the widest choices of pet accessories on the market. Whether you’re looking for flea and worming treatments, grooming products, toys, collars and leads, or something for a special occasion, we’ve got it. Plus all of our products are backed by the global research and expertise in pet health of Purina.

Our Range

Tethering for Dogs & Cats Tethering for Dogs & CatsKeep your pet fit and styled with a TOTAL CARE collar and lead.
Toys for Dogs & Cats Toys for Dogs & CatsEntertain your pet with the extensive range of TOTAL CARE toys for dental cleaning, brain stimulation, fitness and comfort.
Shampoo for Dogs Shampoo for DogsEnjoy our range of shampoos for your puppy or adult dog, with medicated, flea and regular shampoos.
Grooming for Dogs & Cats Grooming for Dogs & CatsMake regular grooming an ease with the full range of grooming essentials from TOTAL CARE.
Bedding for Dogs Bedding for DogsJust like us, our pets need quality bedding for a good night's sleep. Let your dog sleep soundly with the TOTAL CARE range of bedding solutions.
Fleas and Worming for Dogs & Cats Flea & Worming Treatment for Dogs & CatsProtect your pet all year round with TOTAL CARE flea and worming products.
Containment and Transport for Dogs & Cats Pet CarriersContain your pet and minimise driver distraction with a TOTAL CARE Pet Carrier, suitable for cats and small dogs.
Waste Management for Dogs & Cats Waste Management for Dogs & CatsTOTAL CARE has a range of quality waste management accessories for your pets.